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HP Customer Loyalty Program Case Study

  • HP was looking to implement a new global reward program to increase brand loyalty.
  • We built a user-friendly website and an advanced retargeting campaign using data, analytics and email marketing.
  • The result: 40,000 active reward members in 6 months
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HP faced several difficulties when implementing its rewards program globally, such as:

Challenges vector of an error 404 page

Complex Brand Architecture

HP has a large number of retail and online stores, which made this marketing initiative difficult to implement, monitor and measure ROI.

High Costs

Connecting HP’s brand with a sales force training program is costly and difficult to be implemented.

Extensive Digital Portfolio

HP has too many online shops and websites to connect with efficiently.

Lack Of Awareness

HP’s audience would be initially unaware of the reward program that offered points and bonuses for every purchase.


We built a connected online program that provides instant bonuses to customers.

Some of our deliverables included:

  • A User-Friendly Website

    We built a portal for customers to submit their purchase proof and product serial numbers in a custom interface. This portal also allows them to see the points they have gathered and gaming key download after purchases are validated. There is also an interface for the users that joined the program, but not purchased yet.

  • Program Communication

    We ensured that retailers and resellers can refer HP’s program in their own newsletters associated with HP products.

  • Retargeting

    We created a retargeting campaign that shows ads across the web to people who have previously visited the website, using metrics such as time-on-page and video views to suggest interest in HP printing or gaming products.

  • Nurturing Communication

    We set up automatic email messaging for information about enrolment, the level of points, required action, successful submissions and product validation.

The Results

After 6 months of collaboration with HP:

We rose active program members to

40 K

growing the recipients of the global rewards scheme.

We increased repeat customers to

56 %

of total customers, showing a boost in brand loyalty.

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