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Rollink Website Design

Attracting 730K New Visitors Through A 360° Marketing Strategy

  • Rollink, a global luggage brand, set out to launch their products in the U.S. market
  • Our team created a new, user-friendly website and devised a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to support the product launch
  • The new website attracted 700,000 new customers, effectively introducing Rollink to the U.S. market and building brand recognition
rollink website redesign case study

The Challenge

Rollink required a new digital approach for acquiring U.S. customers as an unknown brand.


No Local Brand Awareness

While the brand was in the midst of building a strong presence in Europe and Asia, Rollink remained unknown in the U.S.

Unknown Luggage Concept

Rollink’s target audience in the U.S. was unaware of the concept of collapsible luggage.

Highly Competitive & Saturated Market

Relevant search keywords were costly, and the U.S. market was oversaturated with luggage products and prices.

Third-Party Sellers

Rollink sells its products on various websites, meaning its website faced competition from resellers and third-party websites that are selling Rollink luggage.


We created a 360° marketing strategy
that both educated and converted customers.

Some of our deliverables included:
  • Market Analysis

    We analyzed the competitive U.S. luggage landscape and found suitable keywords to bid for, based on search intent and difficulty.

  • SEO Articles

    SEO articles and link building covered the most relevant topics to boost visibility and domain ranking.

  • Audience Reach

    We targeted customers based on their frequency of flying and living habits with fun, engaging and educating content in social media and PPC.

  • Retargeting

    We created a retargeting campaign for the most eligible prospects, highlighting key products.

  • Email Newsletters

    We utilized email marketing to offer discounts and relevant sales offers.

  • Affiliate Marketing

    We built an affiliate network to spread the word and organized regular giveaways with valuable influencers.

  • Third-Party Tracking

    We tracked and analyzed all third-party communications and offers on resellers websites.

The Results

Results after one year:

We increased
total visitors to

730 k

exposing them to a wider audience.

We increased
On-Page by

78 s

through engaging
and informative content.

We increased
average order value to

205 $

increasing their total sales.


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