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The Debrief with Major Garrett

Podcast Episode: Disinformation (Part 2)


While we were putting this episode together, we quickly realized the vast, convoluted scope of QAnon, its tantalizing effect its followers and the bit players who conspired to propagate the lie were bigger and more twisted than we'd imagined. QAnon, we learned, is many things to many people.

So we decided to focus on a question we kept encountering: what to do about the untold legions who have fallen for QAnon's intoxicating allure. Could they be disabused of their beliefs and brought back to the mainstream?

There is a temptation to lash out at these destructive - and so obviously false - conspiracy theories and the violence they helped unleash upon the U.S. Capitol on January 6th. But the wiser course, experts told us, is to walk toward QAnon believers with compassion and empathy.

In this episode, Major meets Jitarth Jadeja, a thirty something Australian who spent two years locked in QAnon's vice grip. When he emerged, chastened and deeply shamed, Jadeja made it his mission to help pull others out of the rabbit hole.

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