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Digital New Deal Provides Input to EU on Reforms


Kornbluh Testifies before European Parliament Special Committee on AI

WASHINGTON—Amb. Karen Kornbluh yesterday testified before the European Parliament Special Committee on AI on “AI and the Future of Democracy.”

“Laws and norms developed over time to protect social goals and protect individual rights must be updated,” Kornbluh testified. “Taking advantage of the enormous opportunities of the AI revolution while mitigating its risks requires new governance institutions and mechanisms.”

Kornbluh also spoke on a panel, “How can we better protect democracy in social media? Is the Digital Services Act good enough?” sponsored by the Saxon State Ministry for Justice alongside: 

  • Werner Stengg, Coordinator for digital policy in the cabinet of the Executive Vice-President and Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society Margrethe Vestager
  • Tiemo Wölken, MEP, Rapporteur for the legislative initiative report of the DSA in the Committee on Legal Affairs of the European Parliament (Germany, Group of the S&D)
  • Alexandra Geese, MEP, Shadow rapporteur for the DSA

Kornbluh serves as a senior fellow at the German Marshall Fund and is the director of the Digital New Deal initiative. 


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