Consumer Rights and Protections in an Automated Society


On October 8, Science Advisor to the President and Director of OSTP Dr. Eric Lander and OSTP Deputy Director for Science and Society, Dr. Alondra Nelson authored an op-ed in Wired magazine that proposed establishing a Bill of Rights for an automated society. The op-ed sought feedback from industry, academia, governments, civil society and the public on ways to ensure AI is developed in ways that promote equality, privacy, and individual liberty. To advance public engagement and education, OSTP is co-hosting a series of six panel discussions on a range of AI and equity issues.

The Digital Innovation and Democracy Initiative is co-hosting the panel on Consumer Rights and Protections, which will explore the opportunities and challenges for individual consumers and communities regarding a growing ecosystem of AI-enabled consumer products, advanced platforms and services, “Internet of Things” (IoT) devices, and smart city products and services. Panelists will explore whether the conveniences, enhanced connections, and efficiencies made available through these products and services are benefiting consumers and communities, the hidden trade-offs for consumers and governments, and the effectiveness of existing regulatory and legal protections. 

Watch the event here.

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